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Monday, 17 December 2012

Whos Been Sleeping in Your Head - The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies

A renowned psychoanalyst offers a sneak peek into our xxxual fantasies--and surprising revelations about the impact they have on our lives.
Based on the largest-ever survey of xxxual fantasies, and drawing on the author's twenty-five years of clinical practice, this "anatomy of secret desire" does for xxxual fantasy what Kinsey did for xxxual behavior. However, unlike Kinsey's books, which were almost unreadably dense and data-driven, Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head? features narrative accounts of xxxual fantasies and the author's own insightful interpretations of how those fantasies affect our lives.

 Kahr reveals the astonishing truth behind secrecy, shame and taboo, and demonstrates how xxx fantasies exert a more powerful influence on our emotions, behavior, and relationships than we ever imagined.
Kahr's insights are liberating. He tells us the story of Margaret, who, in mining early xxxual abuse for arousing and satisfying xxxual fantasies: "succeeded brilliantly in turning a childhood trauma into an adult triumph." He explains how he helped a young man who couldn't get turned on by his beautiful girlfriend but only by dominatrix-themed xxxxx, and how numerous men and women used fantasy to become more intimate with their partners--or to be unfaithful or even cruel to them instead. Ultimately, by unmasking the myths and destroying the guilt and ignorance surrounding xxxual fantasy, Kahr offers readers a chance to lead richer and less conflicted lives.

Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head - The Secret World of xxxual Fantasies
2008 | English | 512 pages | PDF | 6 MB

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