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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hacknotes Linux And Unix Security Portable Reference

This book will teach you exactly how hackers think so that you can protect your Unix
and Linux systems from them.there is simply no other way to learn how to prevent your
systems from being compromised. In order to stop the attacks of the most sophisticated
hackers, you need to understand their thought processes, techniques, and tactics.

 Hackers are aware of the administrative complexities of managing Unix and Linux hosts,
and they know exactly how to abuse them. This book will amaze you with details of the
craftiest hacker tactics, and it will teach you how to defend against them..

Author : Nitesh Dhanjani
Lang : English
pages : 256
ISBN : 0-07-222786-9
Format : PDF

Download Hacknotes Linux And Unix Security Portable Reference Here

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