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Monday, 22 July 2013

No Gym, No Time, No Problem -Simple Fitness Solutions For Busy People

No Gym, No Time, No Problem -Simple Fitness Solutions For Busy People

The Diesel Crew, LLC
G.Derice et al
132 pages
3.36 MB

No Gym? No Time? No Problem! Simple Fitness Solutions for busy people.

What happens when 5 Fat Loss Experts, 5 Strength and Conditioning Coaches and 2 Lifestyle coaches Meet-up at a random house in New Jersey and lock themselves in a room for 2 days?

They come up with The simplest and easiest Collection of Fitness programs designed for busy people with Limited Time, attention and resources.

Want to burn fat in 3-hours a week?

workout 10-minutes a day?

Run faster and lift stronger than when you were in your 20's?

kick diets to the curb for life?

Maybe you even just want to look and feel better than you do now?

Well now you can do any or all of those things without ever stepping foot in a gym and without making fitness a full time job.

The best part is you don't even have to read the whole book. Each Author wrote one chapter on their selected expertise tailored to one specific goal.

- build muscle
- burn fat
- lift heavier
- feel stronger
- feel like an athlete
- run faster
- eat better
- feel better at work

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