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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mathematical Teasers A distinctive collection of problems, puzzles and tricks with complete explanations

Mathematical_Teasers is a collection of some 300 carefully selected, unusual, and above all, challenging mathematical problems, puzzles, riddles, and a number of playing-card and dice tricks for both students and laymen, and especially for those who have a modicum of mathematical ability or a bent for puzzle-solving.

The wide variety of problems in this book range in difficulty, with the more difficult ones in the last three chapters... they can most assuredly be solved by the less-gifted... There are, in addition, many interesting illustrations and lively cartoons that enhance this volume.

Julio A. Mira, "Mathematical Teasers"
1970 | ISBN: 0389002615, 0064805840 | 190 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Download Mathematical Teasers Ebook in HQ Format Here

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